Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Cardboard business card holder

Trying to tidy up my desk this morning. Saw all the business card lying around with out a place to go, decided to give it a stand. I have been obsessed with cardboard design ever since I saw the amazing designs from "Karton". So I picked up some of the packaging I saved up earlier and start to working on a business card stand :D

Reused some of the creases on the packaging and features, made some more creases and slots. Simply fold it together without any adhesives. 

The circle cut out is a nice feature for my business card!! (This is an old business card design, working on new one at the moment) 

The front of the holder holds business card I collect from other people and the back can be used to store my own cards.
This is only the first prototype of the design. some improvement needs to be made for example the creases needs to be cleaner, the front slide stopper needs to be a bit bigger. But over all it was a nice 1 1/2 hour work :D

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