Major Project: Urban Utility Vehicle - "Jumper"

Project: Urban utility vehicle
2010 (Final Project for Bachelor degree) Duration 4 Month
This project involved a large amount of market research in New Zealand courier and fast delivery services. Interview, survey and observation are mainly used to conduct the market research. Other research method was involved as well to shape the project such as case studies and literature research.
The urban utility vehicle (UUV) is an innovative electric powered vehicle designed mainly for delivery services. With the size similar to a motorcycle, the light weight vehicle is able to quickly maneuver around busy traffic. The innovation of this vehicle is it's two driving mode each suit different purposes. 

Cargo mode is done by rising the cabin of the vehicle to a upright position. This releases a large amount of space to fit a removable storage unit. This caters users like pizza deliverers or mail couriers. These user requires a large cargo space and getting in and out of the vehicle very often. The standing driving position will provide easy access to the vehicle. 

 Cargo Mode

Express Mode
Express Mode is used to travel quickly suitable for urgent mail delivery. 

Weather Protection
Protect you from rainy and windy day

Exterior Battery Indicator
Know your battery life before you start work

Concept Sketches

Scale Prototype Production  

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