Sketches & Renderings Section B

Sketches and renderings done for small rendering projects or project developments.
Section B

Concept Development for project: 'Dream of Flying'

Airship Concept - Designed to carry a small family. Shaped to minimize wind resistance and maximize lift force. The airship has a built in pressure control to accurately control the buoyancy of the airship in order to utilize G force as part of the propulsion. 

Airship taxi concept - Designed to provide an alternative transportation option to urban area.  This concept focus on the method of picking up and dropping off of the vehicle by garbing hold of the wheels, this will provide the maximum stability.

Compact personal flying vehicle -  this concept is design to express compact and freedom. The wings of this vehicle is inflated with lighter than air gas which can be deflated and stored away when parked. This concept is most attractive to  commuters in the urban area.

Some renderings of concepts that are not chosen to be developed.

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