Major Project: 'Dream of flying' - Personal air transportation 2031

Project: 'Dream of flying' - 'Sky Voyage' the personal air transportation of the year 2031
2011(Post Graduate Project) Duration 8 month

This project started with a dream that one day in the future, man will be able to utilize the vast amount of space above us and finally fly freely in the sky. With this goal I started my research by finding the most efficient way of flying. The research involves expert interview, literature review, case studies, media research, persona, scenario building, story board and testing. The second part of the project is to develop a most feasible idea and concept into a prototype.This involved a lot of concept sketches, quick prototyping, testing and finally producing a scaled final prototype. 
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Inspired by the airships and paragliding sports, "Sky Voyage" is designed to provide a solution by utilizing the airspace to relief traffic problems in large urban areas. It features an efficient hybrid flying system of lighter than air aircraft (airship) and para-glider, with the assistance of a hydrogen fuel cell powered electric turbine engine for additional thrust. It is capable of landing and take off vertically by inflating the gasbag in a upright position, this can also help minimized the footprint on ground level for easy landing and storage. After taking off, the wing shape gasbag will be horizontally leveled to maintain an mid distance gliding in a speed range of 45-65km/h. So you can relax and enjoy the freedom and the beautiful blue sky while on your way to your destination.


Technical Details 1

Technical Details 2

Details 1 

Details 2


 Docking Mode

Operating Schematic 

Future Scenario


 Concept Generation/Concept Sketching

We have lift off!

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